December 06, 2023 | Success Story, Petrochemical/Chemical Industry, Europe, Hyper Compressor

Major compressor overhaul of LDPE line to ensure full availability

A chemical company located in Scandinavia operates an LDPE plant with two lines. The 45-year-old Hyper and booster/primary compressors of line 2 needed to be overhauled and removed completely for major foundation repairs. Our crew of 16 people on site worked in a two-shift configuration to get the compressors back in operation on time. Our customer mentioned the single point of contact which made the communication easy and eliminated interfaces, our professional planning and the short compressor downtime as key plus points.

What the customer says:

“Our crew worked hand in hand with the entire Burckhardt Compression team. Thanks to the good cooperation on site and the professional preparations, we had no safety incidents and we finished the overhaul on time.”

Customer Challenges:

  • Over 45-year-old compressors in LDPE line 2
  • Perform all maintenance activities within six weeks for shortest possible compressor downtime
  • No suitable workshop for crankcase machining available near by the site
  • Changing temperature conditions
Installation, leveling & measurement of both crankcases were done in separate tent.


Hyper & non-Burckhardt booster/primary compressors
Type 1) Hyper: Burckhardt Compression, F8
2) Booster/primary: non-Burckhardt, 6 HHE-VG-3-2-1
Gas C₂H₄
Power 1) 7’500 kW / 10’000 hp
2) 1’650 kW / 2’200 hp
Suction pressure
Discharge pressure
1) 243 bara / 3’520 psia
2’415 bara / 35’026 psia

2) 1.0 bara / 14 psia
250 bara / 3’625 psia

Speed 1) 188 rpm
2) 300 rpm
Lubrication Yes



Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Professional and detailed planning and coordination of all activities
  • Complete removal of both compressors from their foundations
  • Installation, leveling & measurement of both crankcases in separate tent on site to keep temperature level stable to ensure needed tolerances of machining
  • Reverse engineering on third-party compressor parts
  • Flexibility and speed on necessary changes of scope
  • Team of 13 field service representatives, one site coordinator and two supervisors on site working in two shifts
Hyper Compressor foundation after repair

Customer Benefits:

  • Zero safety incidents
  • Project execution within only six weeks
  • Easy communication having one single point of contact
  • Elimination of interfaces
  • Reduction of vibrations
  • Elimination of oil leakages