Our brands

Burckhardt Compression Group offers a broad range of reciprocating compressors and compressor services in downstream, upstream and midstream markets. An enduring passion for compressors, engineering ingenuity and unrivaled compressor know-how are the distinguishing characteristics of the Burckhardt Compression brand. Burckhardt Compression is the overarching brand for the entire Group and a recognized leader in the compressor and compressor services markets. Burckhardt Compression Group is constantly developing the Burckhardt Compression brand, strengthening its global reach and presence, and also manages a select portfolio of strong, mostly regional sub-brands.

Arkos Field Services is a leading provider of compressor services for the upstream, midstream and downstream markets in the United States. Burckhardt Compression’s service activities in the US are also delegated to Arkos Field Services. This brand stands for a hands-on services mentality backed by extensive know-how for all makes and models of compressors and attuned to customers’ needs.


Burckhardt Compression stands for quality and worldwide leadership in innovative reciprocating compressor systems and technology. Cutting-edge technology, a vast portfolio of compressors and components and a full range of services make Burckhardt Compression an ideal partner for customers around the world who want highly reliable, custom-tailored solutions for their reciprocating compressor systems. Our collaboration with external and internal customers is dedicated, solutions-oriented and distinguished by genuine enthusiasm for our reciprocating compressors.

CSM Compressor is a service provider based in Western Canada with offices in Drumheller and Edmonton, Alberta. CSM Compressor has considerable experience in machining and repairing components for reciprocating natural gas compressors.


PROGNOST Systems offers the world´s leading technologies for gapless and automated diagnoses of Rotating Equipment. Deep Learning methods such as Neural Networks combined with Fuzzy Logic provide real-time and self-learning failure pattern detection of critical assets. This system is proven reliable and supports all global players in the refining, gas- and petrochemical industry for more than 30 years.


SAMR Métal Rouge is a manufacturer of high-end sliding bearings based in Pont-Sainte-Marie, France. The company has produced premium sliding bearings for the market worldwide since 1947.


Shenyang Yuanda Compression whose headquarters are in the East of China is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of reciprocating compressors. Shenyang Yuanda Compression is a manufacturer and service provider for the Chinese market for applications in the petrochemical, chemical and natural gas industry.