Burckhardt Compression: Higher sales – higher profit – lower order intake June 02, 2020 | Ad hoc Release
The full-year results for 2019 of Burckhardt Compression are largely in line with the guidance the company gave during the presentation of the half-year report. Incoming orders did not match the record-high figure from the previous fiscal year. Sales were in line with expectations. Operating and net income showed another improvement, but are still not yet at the levels Burckhardt Compression has targeted in the Mid-Range Plan. Read more
Acquisition of global compressor business from The Japan Steel Works completed April 21, 2020 | Ad hoc Release
Burckhardt Compression completed the acquisition of the global compressor business from The Japan Steel Works Ltd., abbreviated JSW, as announced on March 4, 2020. JSW is a highly diversified manufacturer of steel, power-plant equipment and industrial machinery. Read more
Coronavirus March 24, 2020 | News
It is our goal to serve our customers best possible, even in this demanding situation. Most of our Sales, Engineering, Procurement and Customer Support Teams are working remotely and are doing their best to continue to provide quotations, take orders and collaborating with our customers to serve their specific needs. Most of our workshops are running and our heroes in the workshops are working on site day-by-day under the given constraints and safety restrictions provided by the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH.

We will continue to work closely with our customers and business partners and give frequent updates on the current situation. We are doing everything possible to mitigate the effects to our customers and business partners.
Read more
Overhaul of Four Vertical Process Gas Compressors – Giving them a new Lease on Life March 17, 2020 | News
A chlorine plant with four identical vertical Process Gas Compressors encountered some problems due to the low reliability of the over 25 year-old compressors. The plant opera-tor turned to Burckhardt Compression for a complete overhaul of all four compressors, which was performed at one of our state-of-the-art Service Centers. After the successful overhaul project, a preventive maintenance schedule was established and implemented together with the customer. Read more
Burckhardt Compression purchases global compressor business from The Japan Steel Works March 04, 2020 | Ad hoc Release
Burckhardt Compression is strengthening its market presence and acquiring the global compressor business from The Japan Steel Works Ltd., abbreviated JSW. JSW is a highly diversified manufacturer of steel, power-plant equipment and industrial machinery and generated overall sales of CHF 1.9 billion in 2018. Approximately 1-2% of the overall sales is estimated to be generated in the compressor business. Read more
Compressor Revamp to guarantee its proper Functioning February 28, 2020 | Asia
The Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. in Haldia, India, had problems with two of its compressors. Without any major overhauls, the two 27-year-old compressors – one operational, the other in standby – were prone to malfunction because of its damaged piston rings, valve plates and springs. Burckhardt  Compression revamped the compressor – which included modifying the existing piston and piston rings – to bring it back to proper functionality. Read more
Burckhardt Compression Awarded Long-term Service Agreement for 9 LNG Carriers February 24, 2020 | News
Burckhardt Compression and an emerging leader in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) shipping industry signed a five-year service agreement covering nine LNG carriers with Laby®-GI Compressors onboard. Building on their close and long-term partnership, the two companies jointly developed a lifecycle concept based on the operational experience gained in the field. Read more
Burckhardt Compression signs an agreement with GRZ for the joint development of new hydrogen compression technology February 19, 2020 | Ad hoc Release
Burckhardt Compression is cooperating with GRZ Technologies, a spin-off of Laboratory of Materials for Renewable Energy from EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland, to develop a new hydrogen compression technology. It will be deployed in hydrogen fuel stations, hydrogen energy storage systems and other applications and will make use of thermal active metal hydrides. Hydrogen is a promising energy carrier that offers carbon-neutral energy for industry and mobility. Read more
Repair of Connecting Rod and Modificaton of Crosshead February 11, 2020 | Asia
The Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. (IOCL) in Mathura, India, repeatedly struggled with its compressor, which often failed. Complications arose when the third-stage pin and the small end bush seized up three times, preventing IOCL from restarting the compressor. These circumstances forced them to operate the plant without a standby compressor. IOCL turned to Burckhardt Compression to solve the problem. As a part of the troubleshooting, repair and modification of the components were carried out. Since then, the compressor has operated properly without any issues. Read more
Board of Directors nominates Ton Büchner as new Chairman of Burckhardt Compression’s Board of Directors January 29, 2020 | Ad hoc Release
Ton Büchner will be nominated by the Board of Directors for election to the Board of Directors and as its new Chairman at the Annual General Meeting on July 3, 2020. Valentin Vogt, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors who has served as a director for 18 years, 9 of which as chairman, will not stand for re-election at the pending Annual General Meeting. Read more
Burckhardt Compression wins first order with a new line of cost-optimized compressors January 17, 2020 | Ad hoc Release
Burckhardt Compression is introducing a capex-optimized line of compressor systems that meets the API Standard 618. Its modular compressor design takes advantage of global processes and cost-efficient engineering and supply chain. Hyundai Engineering Company has ordered the first compressors from this new product line for a petrochemical plant in Poland, where they will be used for propane dehydrogenation in the production of propylene. Read more
Burckhardt Compression sells its first high-speed compressor for underground gas storage application in Europe December 20, 2019 | Ad hoc Release
Burckhardt Compression will deliver a high-speed compressor to Ganzair in Hungary for injecting natural gas from a pipeline to an underground gas storage facility. This ISO 13631 compliant compressor will be the first high-speed compressor made by Burckhardt Compression for this sort of application in Europe. Read more