Results 2023

Results 2023 – Your specific company results

Asking you for feedback is an integral part of our daily business and discussions with you. Burckhardt Compression is not about to end this tradition of asking you for your feedback. Why? Because your opinion truly matters, and it is crucial in our quest for constant improvement. To produce a more specific and detailed profile of your company, we hope to receive feedback from more than 10 representatives of your company, which will produce results that are more tailored and specific to your company, without requiring any general interpretations.

In 2023 we achieved more progress, having received feedback from over 1,200 survey participants from 77 countries and produced 30 specific company reports, all of which help us to create more value for our partnership.

Get a glimpse in a minute by watching the summary video below.


1. Performance Report

This was the first year in which all categories have improved compared to the previous year. Four performance categories reached a satisfaction level of over 90%, which is outstanding. We still can improve the area of proactiveness and will continue to work with you.

Key to success

According to your feedback, a strong focus has been placed on the areas of being more proactive, spare parts delivery time and processes. We understood that you would like greater efficiency, fast quotation/order processes without redundancy, 24/7 access to information without time zone limitations, access to your orders or manuals wherever you are, and you would like to know when parts will arrive before an order is placed – and judging by this feedback, you might be interested in our myFleet solution, the customer portal platform of Burckhardt Compression. Besides rolling out myFleet, we have streamlined our processes worldwide by establishing defined roles and responsibilities that improve efficiency and lead to better alignment with customer needs.


Highest satisfaction in Hands-on, capabilities and competences of Engineering, Repair and Field Service.
Greatest room for improvement Proactiveness, spare parts delivery time and processes.


Most of you remain highly satisfied with the competencies and capabilities of our employees. Especially when it comes to engineering, repair, monitoring and field services activities. These capabilities are critical when looking at the topics of greater efficiency and reducing emissions. Here we have launched an initiative to examine aging assets which no longer comply with local government regulations or sustainability requirements. With BC Activate we have the best-in-class solution in place to make the necessary changes to your compressors, no matter which brand, so they can be compliant again and emissions can be reduced.

If you also want to profit from the skills of our organization and expand the know-how of your employees, you are highly welcome to join our customer training program, which offers technical trainings as well as great hands-on sessions at our fully equipped and modern training center in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Sharing experiences

Thank you also for all the ideas you have shared with us to achieve further improvements in your specific area or in our relationship with your company. Additionally, we noticed that you have good and respectful relationships with Burckhardt Compression employees, which makes us very happy, and we appreciate your trust in our company. On the other hand, we see various areas of improvement which need our attention. These will be taken up individually and our team will work with you on solutions that suit your needs and strengthen our partnership.


2. How customers perceive Burckhardt Compression

Burckhardt Compression has vast expertise and capabilities in revamping or modernizing both its own compressors as well as other brand compressors. Browse our success stories highlighting our performance. No matter what your needs are, Burckhardt Compression will find the most appropriate solution.

Our quest to become your preferred one-stop-shop service provider with a strong safety culture continues. Burckhardt Compression completed the certification of all three ISO standards ISO9001, ISO14001 and the latest ISO45001.

3. Customer Satisfaction Level

Safety is a major focus for our employees. Not only in our own facilities but also on your sites. We strongly advocate a genuine safety culture, which includes a healthy work-life balance.

In conclusion, this year you again showed a high overall satisfaction level of 92% with Burckhardt Compression as a company. A strong focus has been given to a general satisfaction with the offerings of products and services, but even more important is that you have shown appreciation for our competent employees, who strive to offer you the best services possible, going the extra mile and strengthening their business relationship with you.