Burckhardt Compression’s industrial commitment to the economy, society and the environment is long-term. Our aim is to create the framework for continuing the company’s history of success, which began in 1844, on all levels. This can only be achieved if a balance is found between the different and sometimes opposing interests of the individual stakeholders.

We are committed to transparency. Only by knowing exactly where things stand appropriate goals can be set and the right measures initiated to achieve them. A corresponding controlling ensures the achievement of these goals.


Economic sustainability

Our company’s primary objective is to achieve our financial goals, since failure to meet these goals could have a profound impact on the future of our company. The continued existence of Burckhardt Compression over the long term is ensured only if we manage to achieve financial results that at least average those of our direct competitors.

The quest for continuous improvement by Burckhardt Compression’s executives and employees forms the foundation on which the company is based. Operational profess, which is reflected in above-average profitability, is fostered on the one hand by a structured improvement and sustainability process for employees and executives and, on the other, through systematic application of operating methods and procedures.


Social sustainability

Under social sustainability, we deal with the aspects of the corporate culture, a sustainable human resources policy, targeted staff and career development, occupational health and safety and the maintenance of our social environment.

Only satisfied employees are willing to go that extra mile to meet the needs of our customers. That’s why we are committed to a sustainable HR policy.

We actively promote the right balance of employee s in regard to gender and age. Loyalty and the ability to identify with the company are confirmed by the fact that the average employee has been with the company for nine years.


Environmental sustainability

“Compressors for a LifetimeTM” is not just a saying but a philosophy we live by. Around 75% of the compressors we have manufactured since 1883 are still in use. Highly functional products enable our compressor systems to run optimally.