Change of leadership at Burckhardt Compression September 02, 2021 | Ad hoc Release
CEO, Marcel Pawlicek, together with the Board of Directors of Burckhardt Compression, have decided to embark on a planned and transparent succession process for the CEO position. Read more
Burckhardt Compression to Deliver Process Gas Compressors API618 for Largest H2 Liquefaction Plant in South Korea August 25, 2021 | News
Burckhardt Compression has been selected as compressor supplier for a hydrogen liquefaction plant in South Korea. The order includes three Process Gas Compressor API618 systems for the compression of hydrogen within the liquefaction process. Read more
Burckhardt Compression to Deliver H2 Diaphragm Compressor Unit for Hungarian Green Hydrogen Project July 29, 2021 | News
The Hungarian government has announced to support different projects for converting surplus electricity into gas energy. One of the winning tenders is the “Aquamarine” project, which includes a hydrogen plant in an underground gas storage facility owned by Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. The produced hydrogen is mixed into natural gas and utilized in their own gas engines and furnaces, therefore reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, the aim is to conduct an industrial-scale experiment for the long-term storage of hydrogen in underground gas storage at pressures above 100 bar to reduce storage volume. A Diaphragm Compressor system by Burckhardt Compression is used to compress the hydrogen from 30 to 250 – 300 bar. Read more
Doubled lifetime of high-pressure components after modernization of other brand hyper compressor July 06, 2021 | Middle East & Africa
Burckhardt Compression was selected to modernize MOL Petrochemicals' other brand hyper compressor at its LDPE plant in Tiszaújváros, Hungary. Based on its many years of experience, Burckhardt Compression is capable of developing comprehensive solutions that are compatible with the given framework of any compressor. The project scope included the high-pressure packing, plungers and central valves for second-stage cylinders to be installed all under the supervision of a highly qualified Field Service Representatives team. Read more
Annual General Meeting of Burckhardt Compression Holding AG July 02, 2021 | Ad hoc Release
Today's Annual General Meeting of Burckhardt Compression Holding AG took place without the physical presence of shareholders, in accordance with article 27 of the Swiss Federal Council's ordinance 3 on measures to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19). Shareholders could only exercise their voting rights through the independent proxy. The proposals of the Board of Directors were passed except for the renewal of the authorized capital. The proposed higher dividend of CHF 6.50 per share was approved. Read more
Burckhardt Compression passes 1’000’000 operating hours with Laby®-GI Compressors for MAN ME-GI engines June 28, 2021 | News
Burckhardt Compression Laby®-GI fuel gas compressor systems play an important role on LNG carriers. As the liquified natural gas warms up during storage and transportation, the evaporated boil-off gas must be economically managed by either using it as fuel or re-liquefying it. Both, dual-fuel engines as well as re-liquefaction plants, require a certain operation pressure, ranging up to 300 bar. Therefore, Burckhardt Compression’s LNG solutions have been specifically designed to handle gases at low temperature and high pressure while meeting the requirements for operation at sea. Read more
Overhaul of other brand compressor – Full working order reinstated June 21, 2021 | Europe
The Cressier Refinery is the only operating refinery in Switzerland and serves as a cornerstone of Varo Energy, processing a wide variety of oil products.
As its former service provider constantly delivered less-than-adequate parts and service, Varo Energy needed to turn to someone else for a set of solutions that could get the compressor fleet back to its optimal operating status. The company found that with Burckhardt Compression.
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Burckhardt Compression received an order for a diaphragm compressor unit for a new green hydrogen production plant in Switzerland June 14, 2021 | News
The Diaphragm Compressor is being manufactured at Burckhardt Compression in Shenyang, China, and will be shipped as a container-installed compression unit to Switzerland. The compressor system is designed for hydrogen mobility applications and capable of discharging hydrogen at a high pressure and high purity, suitable for fuel-cells. Read more
Burckhardt Compression closes fiscal year with higher sales, improved operating result and significantly higher net profit June 01, 2021 | Ad hoc Release
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Emergency repair of a 50-year-old dry nitrogen compressor foundation in a steel plant April 08, 2021 | Europe
Cogne Acciai Speciali, a leading producer of stainless steel products based in Aosta, Italy, turned to Burckhardt Compression Italy after sudden and excessive vibrations led to the unexpected shutdown of the 50-year-old dry nitrogen compressor. A root cause analysis detected cracks in the foundation and damaged anchor bolts. Thanks to the immediate local support and close collaboration with the customer, the foundation was repaired on-site and the system was smoothly restarted within the customer's tight schedule.
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Burckhardt Compression exclusively takes over service for SERO PumpSystems in marine applications April 06, 2021 | Ad hoc Release
Burckhardt Compression is further expanding its service expertise and, as the exclusive service provider for SHP pumps from SERO PumpSystems, will take over all service activities in the marine sector. SERO PumpSystems, based in Meckesheim, Germany, is a technologically leading supplier of side channel pumps for a wide range of applications. Read more
Burckhardt Compression wins large compressor order for a refinery hydrocracking unit April 01, 2021 | Ad hoc Release
Burckhardt Compression has been selected by Technip Energies as the compressor supplier for the Assiut hydrocracking complex in Egypt. The order includes three fully packaged API 618 Process Gas Compressors, which will be used for the facility’s hydrocracking unit. Read more